Doctor With Mask

Keeping Respiratory Infections Out of the Office

The novel coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory viruses are highly contagious. Health care providers are trying to protect themselves and their other patients from infection. Primary symptoms of COVID-19 and influenza include fever, runny nose, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, and body aches.

We want to protect our most vulnerable patients. Please call the office if you need to talk to your doctor about your COVID symptoms so we can schedule your visit safely, or plan for a virtual appointment. If you are a high risk patient with the above symptoms, please do at least 2 COVID test 24 hours apart, as the first test may not be positive even if you have COVID. If you are a high risk patient AND notify us of a COVID diagnosis in the first 5 days of illness, we can help with a prescription of a referral for treatment, or help with home monitoring.

Please do not bring any additional visitors or family members non-essential to your visit. We want to minimize any possible exposure to our vulnerable patients and our staff.
Please wait in your car until about 10 minutes before your appointment time if possible. We have a limited waiting area, and we still want to minimize contact between patients.